Artist & Author Londa R. Marks 

Born February 26, 1952 in Marietta, Ohio, Londa is a Firenze, Italy based surrealist, digital artist with a mythological perspective blending layers of fantasy and surrealism with seers symbolism and mystic and mythic intuition.  Londa R. Marks is a visionary of art, music, technology, metaphysics & cryptography — the art of writing codes or solving codes. She is highly skilled in this realm of knowledge having invented, written and designed 15 Tarot decks/kits, numerous empowering World Of Tarot products, designed fashion and is author & designer of 30 music magazines to date.




 Art Prints

"Rinascimento Tarocchi," Print Details


French Giclée printing method on museum quality papers includes digital montages and scene creations by Florence, Italy artist Londa R. Marks from her tarocchi deck of cards, entitled: "Rinascimento Tarocchi."

  • Genre: Surrealism, Visionary, Metaphysical

  • Medium: Digital montages

  • One of a kind created by artist Londa R. Marks

  • Printed per order. Collector’s preferences can be added

  • Signed, front and back dated & numbered by artist; artist logo embedded

  • Historic charting and certificate of authenticity

  • Art papers chosen by artist or artisan printer for highest quality rendition

  • Artist symbol/logo embedded on work

  • Mounting or frame not included

  • Limited edition of 21 prints printed

  • Dimensions: 22.66" x 52.51" USD 6500 ea 

  • Shipped rolled in rigid USPS Priority tube

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