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Imagine Your Storybook House, Your World of Tarot.

Author Chat With Andrea Hobbs

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Chat With Andrea Hobbs

Author & co-Author of How Metaphysics, Tarot and Invocations Can Positively Affect Career and Relationships

Tarot The Tree Of Life

The tree of life, the beginnings of the Kabbalah, are traced back by scholars to the Medieval Age, but scholars believe that the concept of a tree of life with different spheres encompassing aspects of reality traces its origins back to the 9th century BC. The tree of life is the basis for tarot. Tarot also includes many facets of cryptology/numerology and metaphysics but also includes astrology and much more. It encompasses all aspects human life and nature.

A strong family and scholastic life in New England rooted Andrea Hobbs in a way that has resulted in an intellectual and metaphysical approach to life.

Combined with steadfast, compassionate and intuitive wisdom, her keys to solving challenging problems that produce long lasting solutions rely heavily on ages old metaphysical and cryptographic knowledge. Creative thinking is employed in her work but historical knowledge is also critical in action and choice. Maybe a chat with Andrea will open some portals to new ideas for you.

The ages old problem of knowing how to get what you want in life could be resolved by networking with the right people. You've heard the saying, "It's not what you know, but who you know." Andrea as part of your network could be an important ingredient in your success.

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