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Londa R. Marks creates Limited Edition Tarot Kits, Prints & Visionary Art. Her son Edward prints and hand crafts her work.



To be an empowering visionary.

Wikipedia describes visionary as this: "Visionary art is art that purports to transcend the physical world and portray a wider vision of awareness including spiritual or mystical themes, or is based in such experiences." 


That's how art should be. An empowering experience.




During 15th century Florence, Italy, Cosimo de’ Medici said, “Art and Magic always call to each other.”

Creating magical worlds is what Londa does best. One of her world’s is, World Of Tarot for her tarot projects.


Visual artist Londa R. Marks’ studio is located on Way Of The Sword in the art capital of the world, Florence, Italy where ancient knowledge, code and ancient symbolism is the way of life and a magnificent source for her studies and inspiration. Londa is a visionary of art, music, technology and cryptography: the art of writing codes or solving codes. She is also founder of Rock Legend News digital 

magazine, and


Londa studied under New York artist Murray Stern (1927–1985) in early 1970s. Murray was an art professor from Athens, Ohio, whose work is in the Kennedy Museum of Art Collection. His work is seen in 30 Broadway plays and 50 movies including Ragtime and Cotton Club.


Art Professor Murray Stern said,“Your original illustrations are knocking me on my ear. You’re a natural.”

Twice published by the world’s largest publisher of tarot decks and kits such as Lord Of The Rings Tarot, U.S. Games Systems, Inc., owns 80 of Londa’s original oil paintings she created for a tarot deck and archive them in a private museum with Salvador Dali and 15th century Visconti-Sforza Italian tarot. U.S. Games also owns and published the first ever created digital tarot deck by 

Londa R. Marks.

Stuart Kaplan, CEO U.S. Games Systems said, “You are one of the most talented artist’s I have had the honor of working with.”

Her earliest inspiration came from her grandmother's where the art books were and when she saw the back of her grandmother's couch or, in Londa's eyes, saw a large canvas that was ideal for the perfect medium, her grandmother's handy lipstick. Being age 2 has its advantages...Being Catholic opened the Italian doors to art that resonated with her and has not stopped. 

Approaching her teens, as she discovered how rock music inspired her artwork, her daily walks to Catholic school turned a sidewalk into her stage and the grass her audience. She would sing to the grass then continue on her large front porch after school - ten steps up from the street - after plugging her radio into the porch outlet, well, until her mother ripped the plug out of the socket during her performance. Nevertheless, she could always retreat to creating her own worlds, silently through the magic of art.

Born: February 26, 1952, Marietta, Ohio, United States

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The Printer & Crafter: Edward, son of Londa R. Marks. Edward has been lead-welder at Jet Sets & Cinnabar in Burbank, CA building props and sets for DreamWorks, Steven Spielberg movie screening studios, Matrix Reloaded, Universal Studios, Britney Spears, Home Depot, GE and, TV commercials for companies such as: Buick, Channel Lock and Jack in the Box. Edward has also invented mechanical devices for Eastman Kodak and other corporations. He also learned the fine art craft of Giclee' printing and hand printed and crafted Londa R. Marks tarot cards and new age products, published by Alchemist Publishing. Wood crafting and chiseling are among other talents he possesses and used developing medieval reproduction furniture Londa, his mother designed. 



Printed & Crafted By Artisan At Artist's Atelier  

True collector's tarot decks are created from the heart at World Of Tarot where, every day, a creative journey is made of ideas, aspirations, goals, pursuing new challenges, and creating  collections that echoes past times and quality still sought after. 


World Of Tarot offers collector tarot decks designed by Londa R. Marks at her Florence, Italy Studio then hand printed and made by her son Edward who has utilized the fine art craft of French Giclee' printing since 2009 at her artisan atelier in USA for hand printed and hand crafted tarot cards, books, booklets & packaging. World Of Tarot products are also shipped from USA.

Handcrafting World Of Tarot Decks 

World Of Tarot products are carefully constructed of the highest quality materials available. 

World Of Tarot's Secret Edge

Empowerment With Symbolism

World Of Tarot's Secret Edge, Empowerment With Symbolism, is embedded in World Of Tarot products. We want our products to empower those who incorporate them into their own life.


Art, Music & Technology is Cryptography: The Art of Writing Codes or Solving Codes. It is the underlying foundation for design and application found at designer, author, Londa R. Marks Studio, Firenze, Italy — home of ancient languages and hidden symbolism in art. World Of Tarot decks are hand crafted by her son Edward at Londa's atelier in USA.

World Of Tarot designs incorporates ancient cryptographia, polygraphia and other complex symbolism in all levels and aspects of her designs. When you surround yourself with Tarot imagery, metaphysics and cryptography it all becomes part of your personal and universal vibrations that you receive then emit. Did you know you could be that powerful?  You can when you incorporate World Of Tarot products into the balance of your lifestyle. 

Founded in 1993 by Londa R. Marks in San Francisco, CA., to publish the artist/author's creative projects, Alchemist Publishing LLC publishes through ISSUU, the world’s largest electronic publishing and discovery platform for magazines, catalogs, newspapers. The magazines and other Alchemist Publishing publications and projects are registered with R.R. Bowker LLC., based in New Providence, New Jersey, and incorporated in Delaware, an exclusive agent for issuing International Standard Book Numbers (ISBNs) for works to the book trade, including publishers, booksellers, libraries, and individuals; its roots in the industry trace back to 1868.