Frequently asked questions

General Information

How long does an order take to receive?

Most all orders are shipped within 7 business days from date of order. However, ship times will vary during holiday periods. All merchandise on WorldofTarot.com is custom made to order and requires a build time to complete unless otherwise posted. Build times range from 2-14 business days in the order received. You will be contacted, upon successful order placement, with an estimated time for completion along with periodic updates via email concerning the progress of the project for longer build times. Depending on your chosen delivery method at checkout and your ship to destination your order will have a transit time from 1 to 20 days. More details

Do you manufacture everything?

All Tarot card decks are handmade to order and have never been sent out to fulfillment.

Where do you ship from?

The tarot cards are shipped from the USA. Some other products are shipped from around the world. We ship from the nearest location to you.

Ways To Pay

Credit or debit card & more

More card types: JCB, Discover, Diners Club, Prepaid & Gift Cards.

How this charge appears on your credit card statement:
*Your credit card statement will show it was charged by: MMLLC-NV 323 606 9634

Bitcoin, Ethereum & Litecoin

Crypto Payment Instructions Enter this discount code on the previous page in the "coupon code" field to receive discounted total. 35% off discount code: crypto35

Choose any of the options as listed below and either scan the QR Code or copy the address and send the funds as shown on the total amount line of your shopping cart.

Bitcoin Address: bc1q7efuy8q7d5evckwvuww80vefzylzdvv06z03ht
Bitcoin QR code:
Ethereum Address: 0xEB90AC3a5C30551be934aa8356dA1588539387e1
Ethereum QR code: Litecoin Address: LXATogPvzjRLCCV5ysBpiTv1cn5H1HzCQj
Litecoin QR code:
Once payment has been received your order will be confirmed via email during posted business hours or within 12 hours the following day.

If your payment has not been received within 24 hours from date of placing your order, your order will be cancelled automatically.

Cash & Money Order By Mail

1) Select this option and finish checking out to receive your order number. 2) eMail customercare@worldoftarot.com along with your order number to receive full instructions on how to send your payment. *Only Western Union or MoneyGram brand money orders are accepted.
*Cash and coins are accepted.
*Postal money orders are NOT accepted.
*Wire Transfers are NOT accepted.

Order Confirmations
Payments by mail can take up to 14 business days to process. Once your payment has been received you will be notified via email indicating that your order is in process.

If your payment has not been received within 15 days from date of placing your order, your order will be cancelled automatically.

Cash App

We are currently not accepting payments through this service.


We accept credit/debit card payments for our collector tarot decks and limited edition art gallery prints. We offer 12, 24 & 36 month payment plans. More details can be found with those products or at the Payment Plans Policy page: Click Here

Tarot Decks

Do you really make the decks of cards?

We make everything you will receive. From the artwork and designs to the cards, box, booklet and anything else that comes with your tarot deck. And is all handmade made in the USA.

Are your cards durable?

We have always and will continue to use the best materials to ensure you get long lasting top quality decks of tarot cards. Our cards have exceptional snap and maintain ruggedness for some of the harshest shuffling conditions. Our high gloss finish which appears on most of our decks, have been tested fully submersed under water for days to ensure spills do not destroy your cards and they can be wiped dry without worry.

I'm afraid of denting the edges of my new cards during shuffling. Is there a special way to shuffle without banging the edges?

Special care to anything you want to last is crucial to longevity. Common techniques should be considered to prolong the life of your new deck for many years to come. Your new deck is made with very durable materials however, misuse or abusive shuffling will result in a shortened life span. Research professional card handling and shuffling techniques by master card players. You will eventually find one that fits your style.

Is it okay to leave my deck of cards in the direct sunlight?

Absolutely not. Prolonged periods of direct sunlight will quickly absorb the life from the cards and degrade the image quality into disrepair. Keep all cards in their original box when not in use. The deck box is designed to not only house the deck but also protect your deck from negative energies and give your deck a resting spot to cleanse themselves from any negative reading encounter.

Is there any way I can clean my cards without scratching them?

Yes. Use only a soft lint free cloth such as the same used to clean a mobile phone screen.

I just spilled my drink on my deck. Is it ruined?

Spills can be removed from our glossy coated cards by tilting the card or cards to remove the majority of liquid then gently pat to absorb with a soft lint free towel to remove the excess.

What can I do if I don't connect with the deck and I've already opened it?

Donate or resell it. Our tarot decks hold their value and that value definitely increases with time. So, you might want to hang on to it for a couple years. You might just double your money if you keep it in excellent shape.

Why are your tarot decks so expensive?

Developing a quality deck of tarot requires specialized knowledge, materials & processes not utilized by companies that mass produce playing cards for the general public. From designing the soul into the artwork throughout the build process enlivening its first breath to packaging the tarot deck for shipment as an offering, great reverence and attention to detail is implemented to ensure you receive a perfect product that contains no negative connotations which helps resonate a positive frequency a user can intimately bridge a connection to their new deck. Every nuance of this specialized process requires great expense attending to every minuscule detail. ~ You’re not just buying a regular set of playing cards, you are gaining a life-long companion.

Can I try out a tarot deck to see if I connect with it?

Due to the handmade nature of our tarot decks we do not offer a free trial period and is not covered as just cause for an eligible return for reimbursement with any of our tarot decks. All tarot deck sales are final unless damage from shipment ocurs. See more details in our returns section. Card images are provided for each tarot deck listed on the website. Visually meditate upon each card image to find if you can bridge an intuitive connection with the tarot deck and even if you do connect give yourself a gestation period to research and think about your choice before you make the purchase.

Do the images on the inside of my cards box have a purpose?

Our tarot deck boxes are designed to act as an energy cleaning & recharging accessory that contains specific images inside the box to aid in cleaning negative energies from the cards picked up during a negative reading. These same images also activates a positive energy recharging characteristic making the deck fresh for a new reading. With built in safeguard technology our tarot deck boxes will help to shield negative energies from entry while not in use and for years to come.


How long does it take to receive an order?

Our tarot decks & kits are handmade to order. The build process takes up to 5 days in the order received. Once shipped, depending on weight & the chosen delivery method, expected arrival time can be from 2-5 business days. The average time to get one tarot deck is 5 days.

What shipping carrier do you use?

USPS - United States Postal Service via First Class or Priority.
FedEx - via overnight or ground.

Do you pack the product securely for transit?

We use a medium grade corrugated or carrier provided box larger than the item(s) contained inside to allow room for plenty of bubble wrap and/or styrofoam packing around the item to suspend it away from the sides of the box to ensure a very safe arrival.

Returns, Exchanges & Cancellations

What is your return policy?

All details for returns, damaged in transit & exchanges can be found on the Shipping & Returns page. Click Here for details.

I need to cancel my order.

Once an order is placed it is automatically submitted for fulfillment and cannot be cancelled. However, under extreme circumstances your order may be considered for cancellation only if you contact us within one hour from time of purchase and during normal business hours. A service charge of 65% will be applied from the total order amount of any and all reimbursements to cancel an order. No exceptions.