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Digital Tarot Decks/Kits

Complete digital tarot kits cards & divinations,
in-depth illustrated instructions and extras.

We are all at-one with our technology devices because we intuitively know our ‘messages’ are there - all messages, not just with Planet Earth but with the universe too. So, instead of shuffling paper tarot cards, go a step further and ask the universe to tell you which digital tarot cards have messages for your tarot reading questions. 

World Of Tarot Digital Tarot Kits hold special connections with the Universe, cosmic frequencies, cryptography at a deeper level, brighter colors, clearer details; the magick of each card's meaning truly comes alive when you go digital. 

 Only 99 digital decks will be sold
Signed, Numbered & Certificate Of Authenticity

Example of Digital Tarot Decks/Kits

Kismet, Way Of The Sword - 78 Card Deck/Kit
Rinascimento Tarocchi - Major Arcan Card Deck/Kit

Digital Tarot Decks/Kits