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 Art Collection Specifications

Specification Attributes

  • Media: Digital Composition.

  • Limited Editions of 9.

  • Dimensions: See art piece.

  • Signed in pencil by artist, dated, numbered 1/21, theme & title named.

  • Comprehensive certificate of authenticity.

  • Certification Index is supplied as white papers which contains: bill of sale, certificate of authenticity & ownership title, archival quality certificate, format, historic charting ledger entry and material safety data sheets.

  • Historic charting ledger is maintained with each sale which is a record of original ownership and is used as proof to validate ownership dispute of rights in the event a reproduction has been made with the same edition number. Hidden features are imprinted to protect your investment from arbitration for an expedient settlement.

  • Substrate Type: 100% Cotton, Acid and Lignin Free, Alkaline Buffered, OBA free, Hot Press Surface, Moulde Made, High D-max.

  • Substrate Finish: Wilhelm certified lacquer based protective coating for this pigment based print. Its low solids formulation maintains the original look of the surface of the print and eliminates gloss differential common with pigmented inks.

  • Ink Type is archival pigment by Giclée methods. Archival Quality Certificate & individual MSDS for each ink used is suppled with art.

  • Fade resistance & print permanence factors are defined by the included Wilhelm certification standards document.

  • These pieces are best displayed under these lighting conditions: High quality LED's offer superior color rendition especially applied in even layers with warm tones positioned downward at ten feet distance however, depends on other varying external lighting conflicts. Mounting under glass should maintain suitable ventilation in a humidity controlled environment for longevity. Click Here for more details

  • Handling conditions are always with powder & latex free, FDA compliant Nitrile gloves. Substrates go through a 48 hour dehumidification process and are contained in a humidity controlled environment before and after ink is applied then hermetically sealed for shipment.

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