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Investment Reassurance

  • Current Limited Edition number is publicly posted in the stock quantity of each art piece. When the quantity as shown for this item reaches zero the item will remain on the site indefinitely displaying it is sold out and the description will be updated showing it will never be sold again.

  • Price will double when quantity reaches 15 pieces sold and quadruple during the last 5 pieces which will guarantee a substantial investment equity appreciation to all early buyers. 

  • Alchemist Publishing LLC maintains the exclusive seller rights of this item. New alternative versions or sizes of this item are not available for sale from auctions, galleries, dealers or other websites from anywhere in the world. 

  • Every sale comes with a comprehensive bill of sale showing ownership title. Every piece is remarqued in pencil, clearly indicating signature, number 1/21, titled/named and dated in the artist’s hand at time of sale. Comprehensive certificate of authenticity, historic company charting and signed pieces are a standard with every item sold. The certificate of authenticity will contain but not limited to: the print's title, paper type, printer type, ink type, date printed, edition size, and other particulars. Only original documents, no photocopies, which will contain personal hand signatures. The printer itself will also print a small corner impressed date stamp to further validate the date of piece.

  • Digital compositions crafted under museum quality standards utilizing Giclée production techniques and pigmented archival inks which have a fade characteristic of 100 years or more and if treated with an exterior finish is under the standards of Wilhelm preservative treatments to add to a high appraisal value and insurability giving way to a profitable investment time horizon.

  • Originals (hand painted) never have a limited edition quantity and are sold individually as non-licensed with buyer’s exclusive right upon sale of piece and no other reproduction of the item will be made available by Alchemist Publishing LLC or any network of companies or websites associated with Alchemist Publishing LLC.

  • Every digital master file is considered an original and will be publicly destroyed upon the last sale of the limited edition. Original master files are never sold. A live video will be dispersed to every buyer of the respective piece and made known publicly this is the last edition that will ever be made by Alchemist Publishing LLC. Any and all master and/or duplicate file copies will be destroyed and never at anytime offered for sale to anyone at anytime for any amount of money which is stated on every certificate of authenticity stamp embossed from Alchemist Publishing LLC to further back our limited edition claim of this piece in writing.

  • Artist Proofs of any and all limited edition pieces are never sold by Alchemist Publishing LLC or any network of companies or websites associated with Alchemist Publishing LLC.

  • All limited edition pieces are produced in house by the artist or by the artist’s son and never reproduced elsewhere. Each piece will contain the makers mark / time date stamp from the printer machine.

  • Only the dimensions shown will be produced for this item. Custom sizes will not be accommodated and will not be available for sale anywhere.

  • Buyer Protection Policy: Mail loss or damage during transit is covered by our buyer protection policy. In the event of loss we will provide buyer with another print, fully noting on the certificate of authenticity of the new art work, that the art you are receiving is the original of the numbered edition purchased and disclosing the lost print number is no longer valid. Damaged items will be replaced in the same manner and both at our expense.

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