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Payment Plans Policy

Selecting a payment plan will automatically charge the same amount shown for the item you are purchasing every month until the chosen period ends which constitutes the account being paid in full.


Cardholder Verification
Upon submitting your first payment every customer is required to validate cardholder information on the form provided via email which will also contain a detailed invoice for your authorization of your first payment and all remaining payments thereafter to be charged each month as indicated and until your chosen payment period ends.

*Special Note: If all required cardholder information is not received within 24 hours from date of purchase the transaction will be cancelled and any funds on hold will be released back to the cardholder's account and the order will be cancelled.


Shipping fees are prepaid to ship worldwide with all payment plans and no other fees will be requested once final payment has been made. 

The shipment of any item using a payment plan will commence within 3-7 business days upon completion of the last payment. No exceptions.  


Payment Plan Cancellation
You can cancel monthly payments at anytime. Any payments you have in your account can be held in your account for future use or applied to our in store gift card to use for any other product. A reimbursement of an entire account requires a 45% service charge from the total remaining balance.

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