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"Kismet, Way Of The Sword," Tarocchi deck with 22 Major Arcana cards.

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

"Kismet, Way Of The Sword" “A Rock and Roll Divine Comedy" Tarocchi Deck & Book Kit

Designed & Written By Florence, Italy visionary Londa R. Marks at her Florence, Italy Studio. This is a World Of Tarot exclusive deck as all of World Of Tarot deck kit.

This tarocchi deck is rich in surrealistic and symbolic scenes inspired by rock music's popular bass legend and songwriter Pete Way, founder of rock bands UFO, WAYSTED and Pete Way Band, an exemplar bassists known for playing a Thunderbird bass, high-spirited theatrical performances and many times wearing harlequin-like stage clothes, and inspired by Florence, Italy's Supreme Poet Dante Alighieri.

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