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Purpose, Ritual Series

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Purpose, Ritual Series

Magick intended for a particular effect on self, other person or objects.

Ceremonial rituals from this elixir include various transformations and visible effects known to last a lifetime.
 Each ritual performed includes derivations from historic archives. The magick used in our rituals, incantations, invocations and spells rely on long used tarot systems such as Tarot's connection with the Tree of Life as mentioned in Genesis 2:9; 14th century cartomancy and tarot cards created at the enchanted World Of Tarot.

Medieval Kaballah symbolism and astrologia are joined with medieval charms and ages-old magick of handwritten 17th century occult spell books of Latin and archaic English of ‘talking to spirits’ charms, or a bewitchery; all part of a magickal formula intended to trigger a magical effect on a person or objects.

Each digital do it yourself booklet includes a one time casting. All you have to do is activate it. To have more power purchase another booklet.

This spell casting can be cast for you or you can purchase the digital booklet and do it yourself at:

If you are requesting this spell ritual to be cast for you select 2 or more QTY to have it cast for the most power.

QTY 1 = Customized power.

QTY 2 = Double customized power.

QTY 3 = Super power covering many complexities.

QTY 4 = Castings covering a multitude of problems & cast over a 2 day period.

You will be notified by email when your casting is complete. All sales final.

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